Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life has Infinite Capability to Fuck You, Anytime, Anywhere.

Life has Infinite Capability to Fuck You, Anytime, Anywhere.
पर का करे भाई, और कोई ओप्सन है?

ज़िन्दगी दिखाती है सपने और हम देखते है।
मंसूबो की रेत में बस किले बानाते है।

और ये कम्बखत जिंदगी कुछ सपने सच भी कर देती है।
आशाओं के ऊँचे ऊँचे मनोरे उभार देती है।

And then Life does IT to you. And it hurts like hell!

क्यो मीनिंग की तलाश में हम दर दर है भटकते?
क्यो देखते है हम ये सपने जो इतना दर्द है देते?
पर का करे भाई, और कोई ओप्सन है?

Oops! I did it again…. I wrote another poem. What has happened to me? Why I have started acting weird? I mean all this 'getting an inspiration and writing a poem about it' kind of stuff. Weird! It has never happened to me before. Am I under some alien virus attack or something? Okay, jokes apart this poem is actually inspired by the movie ‘Barah Aana’. I just watched it a few hours ago. And Right after watching the movie while coming back home, the first two lines came to me. The first line ‘Life has Infinite Capability to Fuck You, Anytime, Anywhere.’ is one of my favorite lines. I recited it and somehow I could hear Vijay Raaz saying, “पर का करे भाई, और कोई ओप्सन है?”

So you must be wondering, if the movie is capable of inspiring a poem, then it must be a very good movie. Well it is certainly a very well made movie. Performances are really good. Direction is really nice. Whether you will like it or not? I can’t really tell. It’s the kind of a movie one has to watch and decide for himself (or herself, I am not a chauvinist it’s just how English is).

So what do you think about the poem?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ye Jindagi Ek Premgeet Hai!

ये जिंदगी एक प्रेमगीत है ।
माना अब गा रहा इसे पंकज उधास है ।
कभी ये जगजीत सिंग की मीठी ग़ज़ल हुआ कराती थी ।
जब उनकी किलकिलाहट से हमारी सुबह हुआ कराती थी ।

हां अब बिरह की काली रात चल रही है ।
मन के सागर में यादों की सैलाब चल रही है ।
शायद ये तांडव प्रेमगीत नही हो सकता
पर मौसम हमेशां ही तो बरबाद नही रहता ।

ढल जायेंगे जुदाई के बादल
और आसुओं की बारिश भी रुक जायेगी ।
बस वो मुस्कुरादे एक बार, हरियाली फिर लौट आएगी।
जिंदगी फिर से एक प्रेमगीत बन जायेगी |

OK, so that was it! My first poem on this blog! And yes please ignore the grammar. I can't really write Hindi that well.

This poem started from one of my friend's Gmail status line which I thought was really sad. But more than sad it was pessimistic. Yes luck matters and some really shitty things happen to us, but sometimes how you look at it is more important then how it is.

I believe in hope. Yes I am a hopeless romantic.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

From the Deep and the Dark of the Human Mind: Gulaal

Sometimes writing something is compulsory. And writing about Gulaal is something I have to do right now. Right now I am sitting in my office. I have just returned from E-Square where I watched ‘Gulaal’. It is 10.59 pm and tons of work is pending but I can’t think of anything but Gulaal. So work will have to wait till tomorrow.

Now about Gulaal. First,

Warning: If you didn’t like Delhi 6, the chances are that you will find Gulaal mind-numbingly boring.

Another Warning:
Gulaal uses very rough, rowdy, derogatory and offensive language. So if you are a traditionally raised Indian woman, or a middle-class parent who behaves as if he never used, or heard people using, such language then you won’t even be able to watch the movie.

A good review demands that you should give a rundown of the story without actually killing the reader’s curiosity about the movie. And I really hate this part. So please read the summery of the story of Gulaal here on this review published on

When somebody writes a story or makes a movie he has certain objectives which he wants the story to fulfil. Most of the commercial films have only one objective, to entertain the people. Why, because we essentially go to watch a movie to be entertained. So as consumer our expectations about the product exactly match with that of the producer. So when a director succeeds in making an entertaining film, we get a blockbuster. Hence we have these films called masala films which aim at creating a perfectly entertaining concoction.

Now there is nothing wrong in wanting to entertain people. That’s the reason why the movie industry is a part of the lager entertainment industry. But there is a big problem when we look at movies as products of art. This ‘art’ part royally fucks with the simple definition of a movie as a vehicle to entertain people. Generally it is said that when you are experiencing a work of art, there are five levels to describe this experience.

1. Unsatisfactory
2. OK
3. Satisfactory
4. Entertaining
5. Meaningful

Now since it’s art, the experience depends upon the person itself. But generally for average people, when the director tries to be meaningful, he has to cut down on entertainment part. (Aamir Khan is one filmmaker who understands how to maintain this balance and yet create a blockbuster.)

And I sincerely believe that from an average moviegoer’s point of view Anurag Kashyap has failed to maintain the entertainment-meaning balance.

But for those who are ready to venture into darker parts of human soul to understand people and world better, this movie is an absolute treat. And apart from that the movie has very good cinematography and dialog.

One problem why the movie fails to entertain/satisfy (depending upon how you look at it) is lack of a traditional plot. For example the movie doesn’t have any Hero. Dilip Kumar Singh is the protagonist of the story, he is certainly not a Hero. One basic rule that a every beginning writer is instructed to follow is to make the protagonist likable. Here Anurag Kashyap is the least bothered about making the protagonist likable. In fact for me the character of Dilip Kumar Singh is the least liked one. He is weak, spineless, and easily gullible and he doesn’t really have much of aptitude. I can not even pity him.

It is really hard to keep the audience interested in the story if you lack a plot, because the curiosity of ‘What happens next’? is something that keeps the audience firmly riveted to the story. And plot makes it easier to keep up this curiosity. If you don’t have a plot then what is currently happening on the screen has to be so engrossing that it shouldn't give the user a chance to think about what happens the next. Also this makes it harder for the director to create a continuous flow out of the story. Anurag Kashyap has coped with these challenges very well, still for around half an hour before the interval, I found myself asking, why am I really watching this? Is it really heading anywhere? But fortunately after the interval I was again firmly involved in the story.

But if you stopped to look at it as traditional story and just looked at it as a series of interconnected character studies, it is really engrossing. What I got from the movie is that people are all about their aspirations. All our actions are governed by what we want, consciously and unconsciously. Our aspirations create meaning in our lives. If we want to understand how a person will behave in a certain situation, we must be able to understand his/her real aspirations.

And one more thing some aspirations can force us to make dreadful choices. So be careful about what you want!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The One about Feeling Small, Insignificant and....

Well almost a month has passed since I have written the last post on this blog and yes it’s just the usual reason: too much work. (Read: Procrastination) But it’s not really true. Twice during last month I found myself having the time and subject matter to write about but I didn’t. Why? Because the inspiration behind both the posts was negative emotions. Anger, angst and rage. One was related to corruption and other about BJP playing ‘Ram Mandir Issue’ as its trump card for the next general elections. Why I avoided writing those posts is because criticism solves little. Most of the time thoughts generated from negative emotions aren’t practical solutions to the real problems.

Why today’s post? Well in a way this one also stems from another negative emotion. It is about feeling small. It is about feeling insignificant. It is about feeling helpless. But nevertheless I am going to write this one.

When we think of the universe and ourselves, we can’t help but think that we are insignificant. Think of it, how many things can go wrong and in a short time the world as we of it will cease to exist. Science Fictions writers make there living out of such stuff.

When we think about the problems that human beings from all around the planet are facing, what we find? Terrorism, religious divide, war, poverty, hunger, … the list is almost endless. And what I can do about it? Nothing. The problems seem so enormous that whatever solution I can think of falls short of the reality. If you take a look at the history, it is filled with policy decision of Governments gone wrong. Many of them taken in good faith, but gone wrong during the implementation.

There is a theory: In large scheme of things whatever you do doesn’t matter in the long run.

Consider the example of medical health care. Sure we have found out cures to many diseases which have resulted in longer longevity. But at the same time we have found out more efficient ways to kill thousands of people in matter of seconds.

We have achieved faster transport but the no. of accidents is ever increasing.

There is no less grief (physical & emotional) in the world than that was a 100 years ago or probably a 1000 years ago.

Doesn’t one feel almost helpless? Sometimes I think this inability to find solutions to problems beyond our control gives birth to philosophy like, ‘Tum kya karate ho? Jo karata hai wo Who karavata hai?’ – ‘What do you do? Whatever happens is because of the Gods will.’

You are a droplet in the sea. All you can do is to move with the weave.

Trying to bring the change is futile. Stop worrying (caring?). Instead enjoy your life to the fullest! The world can take care of itself.

Really convincing, isn’t it? Why because it makes evading the responsibility so much easier.

What can I do? I am just an insignificant speck of dirt in the tornado.

Image Credit : Saiuri


Did you read the title of the post? It ends with and ‘and…’ So here is the ‘and…’ part,

And… Kaala Bandar!!!

What? From where did the ‘Kaala Bandar’ come from? Well it comes just like that, whenever the plot needs it.

Well if you don’t know Blogger has this nice feature, using which you can save your half-finished post as draft and then finish it later on. So yesterday night when I felt very tired after writing about that 'feeling insignificant bit of piece of shit', I did just that. I hit the ‘Save Now’ button and turned off the lights.

And today I found out that I could take out 3-4 hours to go to E-Square and watch ‘Delhi 6’. (Oh! Don’t ever believe that ‘I found out that I could take out…’ crap, in truth it was like my hands were shaking, I felt seriously ill and inadequate, I couldn’t concentrate and I had to go and watch a movie in a cinema theater. Yes I accept I am addicted!)

And boy! What a movie it is! Awesome, wonderful, terrific, great…. I am out of superlatives! Great cinematography, awesome music score and simply great direction. One rarely gets to see such a perfect use of symbolization in a Bollywood (or Hollywood for that matter) movie. At one side we have Lord Hanuman and at the other we have Kaala Bandar. Both represent two essential natures of the human beings and it's up to us what we choose to become. And the writer and director - Prasoon Joshi and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra were spot on when they choose Delhi-6 to represent the India. With little bit of difference we have met/seen all these characters in our life.

Well I could go on and on about the movie the point is, the protagonist chooses to make a difference and yes he get horribly beaten up and gets shot for making the right choice. And I guess this fear of getting beaten up is what stops us from making the decisions which can alleviate (if not solve altogether) the problems we are facing today. But we never make those decisions. I know I haven’t taken any of those decisions! Being an insignificant speck is what we choose! One of the countless insignificant specks driven by the powerful wind of hatred forming the tornado which threatens to finish the ‘civilization’.

Image Credit : demordian

Image Credit : demordian

Image Credit : Tinneketin