Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abhi Ho Sakata Hai – It can happen right now!

Abhi Ho Sakata Hai – It can happen right now!
-Osho Rajinish

Ok this post was meant to be totally something else, but it is going to be something totally different. It was going to be about the lines, ‘Abhi Ho Sakata Hai’. I read these lines in Osho’s discourse on Ashtavakra Gita. No I haven’t read the whole discourse. It’s comprises some 7-8 volumes (I am not sure, this was some 5-6 years ago.) I was trying to read the third (again, I think) volume. I abandoned the book midway, partly because of my impenitence with teachings which claim to help you with your spiritual self but, more importantly, because I felt I already had gotten the message: Abhi Ho Sakata Hai – It can happen right now!

Thought the message is about attaining Superconsciousness, I have found the message to be very useful in the efforts of attaining my relatively materialistic goals. It is more about the power of believing in your ability and having the resolve: from now onwards the aim of my every activity will be to attain that goal.

(Though I didn’t complete Osho’s discourse on Ashtavakra Gita I did maange to read another of his discourse titled ‘From Sex to Superconsciousness’. See what a great title can achieve! But let me tell you, the message is not about Sex at all. It is about Superconsciousness. The way I interpreted it was like: OK so you cannot conquer your sexual urges, then don’t try to suppress them. That way the only thing you will be doing is thinking more and more about sex. If you want sex, do it and then concentrate fully on more important things in life.)

Though it is very easy to understand the message - It can happen right now! -, why I (and most of us) fail to realize our goals and ambitions? It is because though I have my goals at the same time I have desires which lead me to the path which is contradictory to the path I must take to achieve my goals. And every time the desires win I fail to attain one of my goals. I understand perfectly well why I fell, yet I don’t succeed. Because to succeed one must not only understand but also act according to the understanding. Manage that and yes, It can happen right now!

But you said, “Ok this post was meant to be totally something else, but it is going to be something tonally different.” As long as I can see, the post is about what its title suggests.

Yes till this point the post was about what it was supposed to be. From this point forward it is different. (See sometimes the conflict between aim and desire can produce something worthwhile. That’s why life is so interesting.)

Just before writing this article, I was reading a post on Ram Gopal Varma’s blog. In this entry RGV tells us about Satyendra, one of his friends in collage who was a genius in philosophy. But RGV describes their last encounter as,

Years later when I was shooting for a film in his town, I tried to trace him as I came to know he left his home a few years earlier. I found him in a windowless room filled with all kinds of books. His eyes were filled with boredom which made me realize that he got saturated with knowledge and intelligence, and as a result there was no more excitement in his life

And while researching for this post I found the wikipedia entry on Osho. Till date I have known Osho only through his discourses on various topics. The breadth of his knowledge is awe-inspiring. And his message is clear and to the point. But after reading about the controversial parts of his life, I was astounded by the things which (he purports) were done by his supporters without his knowledge but by using his wealth and power.

I read about two great men in short span of an hour. First Satyendra who despite of his intelligence and knowledge failed to put it to any practical use in life. I agree, may be I am being a bit too harsh on Satyendra in my judgement. Actually it is totally wrong when one person declares other person unsuccessful. But for practical purposes of life one must assess and one must judge. And for me, knowledge gained but not used is waste of time. (I agree that in larger philosophical sense the previous statement is shallow. But I observe that this particular attitude has helped to solve many practical problems.)

And then there is Osho, who despite of being a sea of knowledge, had let such sorry things to come to pass. But I shall refrain from passing any judgment on Osho. I need to know a lot more about him before doing that. And I think I shall be reading a lot more about Osho. Another conflicting desire which may stop or at least hinder my attempts to reach my goals in life. But hey life is not a race to be won, or goal to be attained, it is about finding what life is. Right?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The day you realized and did nothing

Hello guys,

This is a special post! It’s the start of a new era!! It’s the beginning of a career of a genius!!! (Self proclaimed though!!!! And I bet you haven’t seen that many exclamation marks in one paragraph!!!!!)

Tushar has decided to publish one of his poems on my blog. So I am starting this new section on my blog titled, “Tushar’s Planet in Pritam’s Universe”. Let’s you get to read more of his brilliant (need I say self proclaimed again.) work here.

But seriously it’s a good read, my only grouch is that it doesn’t rhyme.

OK here is the poem:

The day you realized and did nothing

Oh how terrible be that cold cruel moment
when you realize that what you want shall never be yours
what you had, is lost and gone
and what you have become, you shall hate forevermore

beg and plead all you may
your heart shall know peace no more
take and steal all you want
what you hold shall never be yours

years shall pass and seasons turn
you shall grow and your heart shall burn
a cold calm shall cast a veil
over the desires that once prevailed

All you meet shall know you true
doubt and deny all you may
They shall see that you rue
The day you realized and did nothing.

--- Tushar