Friday, March 20, 2009

Ye Jindagi Ek Premgeet Hai!

ये जिंदगी एक प्रेमगीत है ।
माना अब गा रहा इसे पंकज उधास है ।
कभी ये जगजीत सिंग की मीठी ग़ज़ल हुआ कराती थी ।
जब उनकी किलकिलाहट से हमारी सुबह हुआ कराती थी ।

हां अब बिरह की काली रात चल रही है ।
मन के सागर में यादों की सैलाब चल रही है ।
शायद ये तांडव प्रेमगीत नही हो सकता
पर मौसम हमेशां ही तो बरबाद नही रहता ।

ढल जायेंगे जुदाई के बादल
और आसुओं की बारिश भी रुक जायेगी ।
बस वो मुस्कुरादे एक बार, हरियाली फिर लौट आएगी।
जिंदगी फिर से एक प्रेमगीत बन जायेगी |

OK, so that was it! My first poem on this blog! And yes please ignore the grammar. I can't really write Hindi that well.

This poem started from one of my friend's Gmail status line which I thought was really sad. But more than sad it was pessimistic. Yes luck matters and some really shitty things happen to us, but sometimes how you look at it is more important then how it is.

I believe in hope. Yes I am a hopeless romantic.


  1. brilliant stuff mate...usually, i do not understand or even begin to comprehend poems or poetry...but i actually read this one with interest just to understand the viewpoint.....

    i felt this is ur dig on shweta's gtalk status???:
    "jis kavi ki kalpana mein
    zindagi ho premgeet
    us kavi ko aaj tum nakaar do"

    its just serves as a curtain raiser of the realities of life, i feel...and mainly, its a dig at the musshyy musshy romance that bollywood currently showcases aka SRK, YRF, Dharma prod...........

  2. incidentally, my gtalk status is the same too.....:D

    'm just smitten by the line and lyrics and dialogs of gulaal

  3. I didn't read the poem :P

    however understood what you trying to implement...I second whatever chirag pointed out..having said that here is my view ....term 'preemgeet' meaning all goody goody and nice.....we not giving up on prem part there :P anyways by saying so 'zindagi' can be bitchy too and not always nice...its not losing fact that is when the hope builds in when life becomes really bitchy to you :) ..more than sad its real i guess or may be practical

  4. @Shweta

    Yes sometimes Zindagi is horrible, but most of the time it's not really that bad. And if you have friends and family who love you, Bad bhi Good ban jata hai.

    The real relationships get stronger in bad times. Aur agar thumahare paas 'apano ka pyaar' hai to 'Jindagi Ek Premgeet Hai...'

    Anyways I was just trying to bug you :-P


    What's wrong with "musshyy musshy romance" films by SRK, YRF, Dharma...? I like them! They are "nice"!

  5. wow ... surprised you could write a poem so well

    good keep them rolling

    but yeah you do need hindi lessons :D

  6. another thing, since i have not seen gulal and dont know the context of the line i read it as ...

    "jis kavi ki kalpana mein
    zindagi ho,... premgeet
    us kavi ko aaj tum nakaar do"


    but now i get it the pause is after premgeet :D

  7. "bhais ki aakh" saala kuch bhi likhta. and all RKD ians are actually praising it.... stop it guys ....

  8. False support zindabad......... pritam keep it up (for those simple minded ppl-especiall padmaja) Pritam STOP WRITING POEMS please and please have mercy on our eyes (if not souls)........

    P.S. dont let me discourage u .....try reciting this poem in public.... n call me before that

  9. swet..... tujhe to mein kuch kahungi nahi... but chirag & salil wats wrong with you?????

    and now pritam is standing next to me and has made this statement "kuch bhi likho salo jis din mujhe literature award milega us din tum meri prashansa karoge" :)

  10. @Sakshi aka padmaja @Tushar

    Sabhi artists ko duniya shuru shuru mein yahi kahati hai.....

    Only time will tell what happens.....?

  11. "Sabhi artists ko duniya shuru shuru mein yahi kahati hai"

    lekin sadists ko jindigibhar yeh sunna padta hai.....hehehehe

    PS..pritam's fans please dont bash me up im just poking fun at him

  12. guys we were discussing some serious here ...common :)

    @salil....good one
    hahahahhaaha :)

    @padmaja....holy mother!! could you use such swearing in here..not cool padmaja not cool..control maadi

    dude these people dont know that we "shouldn't grudge anyone their success" you keep i said before though i haven't read the poem

    its just the words in anurag's movies like saali khusi..and like such gives a fresh air :)

  13. I found it somewhere and thought that i should post it...just because its funny :)

    There was once a young man who, in his youth, professed a desire to become a great writer. When asked to define "great" he said: I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, wail, howl in pain, desperation, and anger!"

    He now works for Microsoft, writing Excel error messages.

  14. @Shweta

    LOL funny....

    I hope that doesn't happen with me. But even if it happens then probably I would be programming an application which almost everybody in the world has to use. So I guess the money part won't be that bad ;-)