Friday, March 28, 2008

Review : God’s Debris

Finished reading ‘God’s Debris’ by Scott Adams the creator of the popular Dilbert Cartoons.

This is not a Dilbert book. It contains no humor. I call it a 132-page thought experiment wrapped in a fictional story. I’ll explain the thought experiment part later.

These are the first three lines of the introduction of the book. Well it is correct and it is incorrect. Correct in the sense that it is true that the book is not a Dilbert book and it is a thought experiment wrapped in a fictional story. But ‘It contains no humor’ is incorrect. Ok it doesn’t have the ‘Ha, Ha, Ha…’ kind of humor but I guarantee that you will at least chuckle at quite a few places.

As far as the contents of the book are considered, it is story about a courier delivery man who meets an ‘avatar‘ which is a Hindi/Marathi word meaning god born as an animal (Mostly human being but not strictly so). This avatar is an old man who gives wisdom to the protagonist who ultimately transforms in the avatar himself.

OK, that was the plot of the book but certainly not the content. Essentially in this book the writer first refuses to accept the idea of the god as presented by traditional mass religions. The explanations given by him are pretty interesting. Then he refuses to accept the ‘Big Bang’ and other similar theories about the creation of the universe and then presents his own theory. The base of this system is ‘everything can be explained through probability’.

As for the religion part I found myself agreeing with the author most of the time. While as for the science part, well ‘its just another theory‘ is the only correct statement one can make. Oh yes, in between these heavy-weight subjects the author also gives some important dating advice. But no I won’t reveal it here. If you want to know, read the book.

Overall Rating: 4/5