Friday, October 31, 2008

Exactly what this man, Sachin Tendulkar, does?

I wanted to post this quite a few days ago but somehow it got buried in my blog-about-this and blog-about-that notes. (Yes I really take notes like that!). This following statement explains why Sachin is the greatest cricketer of all time. It was posted by a commenter who identified himself as, dreamz1232 on an article by some Partab Ramchand on Yahoo Cricket. Mr. Ramchand was trying to explain why Sachin is not the greatest cricketer of all time. And for this post he got a lot of hate comments.

In one of the comments dreamz1232 says,
...exactly what this man, Sachin Tendulkar, does... he infuses hope...he spreads smile...he makes people cry...he makes hearts flutter...he evokes our passions...and most importantly, he makes millons of us forget our own miseries when he is batting...and Mr ram he does it all with a log of wood in his hand... and that is why i would say "HE IS THE GREATEST"!!!

Yep! I totally agree.

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