Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maharashtra Destruction Sena, Wait a Minute India Destruction Sena

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena or MNS as we popularly know it is a political party started by Raj Thackeray.

Navnirman means recreating something again.

But if you have been following the news for last few days you will notice that

MNS workers beat outstation candidates

About 60 to 70 vehicles were damaged in the violence today most of which were taxis and auto rickshaws and a few private vehicles and buses as well…

After all this violence and destruction of public property (which is paid for taxes paid by Maharashtrians) you wonder is this really ‘navnirman’?

After hearing this news in the afternoon, one of my frustrated friends said, “Kashaach navnrirman?” (What Navnirman?)

(Update 22nd Oct. : This friend was actually Salil Inamdar and the idea of this blog post actually originated from that discussion only.)

I think MNS should be relabeled as Maharashtra Destruction Sena. Why can’t today’s (so called) youth (if you look closely at the photographs, all you see are seasoned hooligans) look for more constructive ways to achieve their political goals?

One of the regular rants that we hear from Raj Thackeray is that Maharashtrians are not given the Government jobs. But something to ponder is really how many of us ‘Marathi’ youths try their hardest to get a Govt. job? How many of us prepare for MPSC, UPSC and other Govt. exams as seriously as we prepare for our medical and engineering entrance exams?

If we really want Maharashtrian youth to succeed in these exams, then why can’t we start free forums and coachings for those, who are needy and willing to give their best to get these posts?

If Raj Thackeray asked, I am sure there will quite a few professors who will help to prepare notes and study materials to help these students. And as far as keeping Marathi youth informed about Govt. job openings and entrance exams is concerned, can’t we collect and republish this news in easily accessible format on online forums and local news papers. If Rajaji asks some papers to publish it, won’t they publish it? Or even better can’t MNS start a news paper (or do they have one already?) of its own and publish such information voluntarily?

But no
We want to make controversial speeches. We want to be famous. We want riots. We want destruction. We are Maharashtra Destruction Sena. (or probably Maharashtra Udhvasta Sena)
seems to be Raj Thackeray’s stance.

And do you want to know the worst, read the following news item,

Bihar youths claim MNS killed candidate, vandalise Patna station

Now we have got even more powerful India Destruction Sena.

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  1. Well all favored sir but not for Mr. Raj

    This is what I felt after reading your suggestion fro Mr. R..he is not meant to do all these …I mean any fool can see its all the gimmicks ….sad part is its happening in what is called as “broad day light”

    My suggestion is build a opposite party (wish I build one such party) and bombard his party …..sorry sir …but yes I love my destructive mind here.

    and cops please don’t waste on fuel to pick up some monkey from some place just to release it in few mins. Thank you.