Friday, October 31, 2008

Quotes Collection

In almost all books on fiction writing, you will find advice that an aspiring writer should note down things such as interesting names, incidents, news and quotes, etc. These are supposed to provide you with inspiration when you are stuck somewhere in a story or need something interesting to write about. Well that was how my hobby of collecting quotes started.

But after I started collecting them I realized I wasn’t collecting them just because I wanted to be a fiction writer someday. Quotes are more than that. They inspire you. They guide you. They amuse you. They entertain you. Sometimes when I get bored I just browse though my “Quotes Journal” and I have found that it is always an intellectually rewarding experience.

I have decided to put together quotes from the journal in certain theme and post them here on my bolg. By no means I am trying to create a vast all-encompassing collection of quotes. These are just some interesting quotes put together to provide 10 minutes of amusement, entertainment and hopefully inspiration.

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