Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - VIII

And fly high they did. On every Sunday they flew in his aircraft. The robot acted very happy and it made Andrew very very happy. Once again life seemed to be worth living.

It was one of those Sundays, when Andrew and his robot were flying in his jet. The takeoff was smooth. After few minutes Andrew released the shoulder harness and loosened his lap belt. Suddenly there was a sound of crash. Surprised by the sound Andrew glanced up and to his astonishment he found the left windshield flying away. Due to pressure difference in the cockpit and outside of the aircraft, air started rushing out strongly. Andrew tried to cling to his seat but the massive wind force jerked him out of the seat and he was sucked out of the cockpit through the windscreen aperture. Somehow his left foot got tangled onto the flight controls. With his head and torso completely outside of the plane, Andrew was trying to hold on to something desperately. During those ten seconds or so, dangling hazardously, Andrew thought that was it. He was certainly going to die. That was when he felt his feet being dragged inside the cockpit. At last the robot pulled him completely inside and strapped him securely to his seat. The plane had suffered a heavy decompression. The oxygen level was dropping rapidly. The aircraft had become unstable.

“Boss, you must eject now.”

“We both must eject,” said Andrew.

“I can’t. We are flying over the city. Saving human life is a robot’s first priority. I must see to it that the plane crashes outside the city.”

“But that can destroy you.”

“Oh boss, I am robot. They will salvage me back.”

Andrew held his cellphone in front of the robot and said, “Ok transfer all your memory to this. I want to be sure that I can get you back.”

The robot transferred the data wirelessly to the cellphone within a second.

“Done boss. Now you eject.”

Andrew ejected.

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