Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - IX

It was one hell of a crash. The investigation showed that the windshield had been replaced seven hours before the flight. The negligent repair crew used the retention bolts that were 0.04 inches too small in diameter than the required to secure the windshield. Due to that, the windshield couldn’t handle the pressure difference between the cockpit and outside air and that caused the crash.

The plane crashed well out side city. There were no human casualties. But nothing could be salvaged. The robot was beyond repair. Andrew felt a sharp pang when he heard the news. But at the same time he felt a bit relieved. He had her memory. Sure Robosys can rebuild her from it. He was not going to loose his Sweety Pie. Just to be sure he accessed the memory file and the document viewer program opened. ‘What the hell? Wasn’t it the memory?’

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