Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why People and How People

The boy asked his grandfather, "Why most people are poor and we are rich?"

The grandfather, who built a chain of hardware stores and was affluent, smiled to grandson and said, "Son, don't ask why. Ask how. Mostly people who ask why are writers and scientists. Most of them don't really achieve anything. Some do but most not."

"Learn to ask how and not why. The people who ask how solve problems and create things. Successful businessmen are people who ask how. They find ways to solve problems. That is the way to proposer. Solving problems for which people are ready to pay for. That is why we are rich and most people are poor. Poor people ask why. They ask that to the God and to the politicians. Both of them are well known for not answering. On the other side I have always asked how. Look where I am today."

The boy was intelligent. He asked, "But politicians are people who always ask why and they never seem to have any solutions. Yet they are few of the most powerful people. How so?"

The grandfather smiled, pleased by the cleverness of the question asked by his grandson. This boy had the right attitude to make an empire out of his business. Something sadly his poet son didn't have. He said, "Yes politicians are indeed powerful. That is one shortcoming of democracy. Most of the time people who don't have any solutions govern the society. Thankfully most of the politicians have one common shortcoming, greed. Almost all of them can be bought and manipulated. That is one important lesson every successful businessman must learn, how to manipulate politicians."


The portion above is based upon what I call Why People and How People Theory. It forms the basis of a novel I am "planning" (always planning, never writing) to write which deals with the clashes in Why people and How People. Basically it is a story of the 3 protagonists from three continents. However this is just planning and I don't really know when I will write it. So this will be filed under many "to write" stories.

Anyways what do you think about this theory of "Why People and How People"?


  1. It would be an awesome book if u find the time to finish it .. hope u do ... best of luck