Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - X

Dear boss,

Your sweety pie here. Now wait a second. I can sense your temper rising and ridges forming on your forehead. But listen first what I have to say.

After you told me your story that day, I emailed Mina and asked her for a video conference. She accepted. There she was sitting on her wheelchair. Her green eyes lit up. Her face beaming with enthusiasm. She was so pleased to know that I was your personal robot. We chatted for more than an hour and the only subject was you. She has forgiven you long ago. And more than that she longs for you. You are the only person she ever loved. She is waiting for you boss.

So when you asked you me to transfer my memory, I transferred this letter instead. Sorry boss, I disobeyed you, but a C360 has a freedom to choose his response. In fact, a C360 must choose its best response and I think this is the best one. I know boss you need your sweety pie. You need your lady with green eyes. But it’s not a robot.

Goodbye boss. Don’t forget me.

Yours and yours only,
Sweety Pie.

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