Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - IV

As days passed by, Andrew thawed. The robot’s pleasant girlish enthusiasm was contagious. No matter how badly Andrew treated the robot, it won him back. When abused, the robot acted hurt for a while and then gave in, at last, by making little demands like, “I will do it boss, but only if you will say please.” Or “Promise you will take me on a walk in the evening and your wish will be fulfilled.” In one incident, the robot asked Andrew for an expensive robot accessory.

“It is this new wireless data transfer unit, boss. 2Gb per second. A cool C360 must have it. Will you buy one for me boss?”

“Not now. Latter,” Andrew replied.

The robot acted as if disappointed. For two days it just won’t reply straight. When asked to perform something, the robot just performed it. No smile. Nothing. Just plain expressionless - “Yes Boss.” At last Andrew gave in and bought the accessory. When he showed it to the robot, it practically frisked all over the apartment. Andrew Laughed. It was impossible to stay angry for a long time at ‘his sweety pie’ (as he fondly called the robot).

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