Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - III

Andrew and his new C360 walked in his penthouse apartment. Andrew stumbled into the sofa. The robot was amazed at the living room. It could very well have been a room in a palace of a King. The furniture seemed to come straight out of the 18th century. The walls were decorated with different types of guns, sabers and daggers. The hilts and handles were artistically designed and were adorned with precious stones and metals. The robot walked to the center of the room. It took a round about itself observing the room.

At the same time Andrew was observing the robot. Robosys designers had produced a masterpiece. It had a perfect figure and its synthetic skin looked just like real when seen from a distance. And above all she (with those looks, it was hard to refer it as it) had green eyes. Pretty big green eyes. For a second, a thought flashed through Andrew’s mind. ‘Was it because of those eyes he bought the robot?

“Bullshit.” Andrew said aloud to himself.

Thinking it was referred to its amazement, the robot turned to him and said, “No Boss, you have got a really beautiful home.” Andrew didn’t say anything. He was just staring at the robot’s eyes. Sensing it, the robot blinked them cutely and said, “Boss, you must give me a name?” Only one name came to Andrew.

“Mi… Nancy, I will call you Nancy.”

The robot looked happy. It smiled and said, “Nannnncy! I like it.”

“I hate it,” Andrew said coldly. The robot was perplexed. It didn’t know how to react. It just stood their, gaping at him. Annoyed Andrew pointed at a bedroom door and said, “You stay in that room. I like it quite in here. So don’t bother me unless I call you. Got that?”

The robot was smiling again. “Anything you say boss. Anything,” It said enthusiastically and walked to the next room.

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