Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The day you realized and did nothing

Hello guys,

This is a special post! It’s the start of a new era!! It’s the beginning of a career of a genius!!! (Self proclaimed though!!!! And I bet you haven’t seen that many exclamation marks in one paragraph!!!!!)

Tushar has decided to publish one of his poems on my blog. So I am starting this new section on my blog titled, “Tushar’s Planet in Pritam’s Universe”. Let’s you get to read more of his brilliant (need I say self proclaimed again.) work here.

But seriously it’s a good read, my only grouch is that it doesn’t rhyme.

OK here is the poem:

The day you realized and did nothing

Oh how terrible be that cold cruel moment
when you realize that what you want shall never be yours
what you had, is lost and gone
and what you have become, you shall hate forevermore

beg and plead all you may
your heart shall know peace no more
take and steal all you want
what you hold shall never be yours

years shall pass and seasons turn
you shall grow and your heart shall burn
a cold calm shall cast a veil
over the desires that once prevailed

All you meet shall know you true
doubt and deny all you may
They shall see that you rue
The day you realized and did nothing.

--- Tushar


  1. good one tushar... hope pritam too will take some inspiration from your poems and write better than wat he did last time :)

  2. thanks i was really dreading another 'bhais ki aankh....'

  3. @Sakshi/Padmja (The spelling mistake is intentional)

    Good One Tu.. ma.. Ma… :-P

    I protest. It was totally uncalled for. I mean OK Tushar’s non-rhyming poem “seems” more deep and thoughtful (totally pretentious I say.) that doesn’t mean my poem (which indeed rhymed) wasn’t any good.


  4. pritam... come on be a sport..accept it that your poem was pathetic... keep trying you will succeed one day... ALL THE BEST MY DEAR FRIEND

  5. "Tu.. ma.. Ma…" hey do you think pritam was trying to rhyme or sing........;)

  6. yup... probably started taking inspiration to write a poem from you

  7. Kadr nahi hai salo ko!

    Oh God, forgive these ignorant kids. They don’t understand what they are doing.

  8. Desperate times in recession???

    one guy posting a poem on another guys blog... followed by a half an hour discussion between 3 people sitting in three rooms seperated only by a few meters in form of comments :( hehehe ehaa

    on a serious note ... never thought tushar could think / write something 'deep' (sorry buddy dont mean to say that thought you to be shallow ;)) good one keep them flowing

    and for the recession part ... i am just being jealous i think, coz i cannot spend time goofing of on the net :)