Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year! New Resolution!

Hi everybody! And if I haven’t said this to you already,


So 2009 started and for the first time in my life, a year looks so promising at the beginning. Believe me usually I am the ‘New Year, So what?’ kind of a guy. But this time round I feel really exited. And part of it is because of my new year’s resolution.
Pritam’s Resolution for 2009:
To loose atleast 15 Kgs in 2009.
If you have known me from last 6-7 years then you probably know that there are FAT and Slim (OK not slim but definitely ‘not fat’) phases in my life. And for last 1 and half years I have been Fat. So I have decided enough is enough. The time has come for the Slim phase to set in.

On our regular walk from Charu’s (A restaurant where my colleagues and I eat our lunch) to our office, I told Archana about my resolution and said (all too prudly), “I am going to loose 5kgs in January”. Archana looked at me for one second and she started laughing and said not possible. So I challenged her that I will do that and she accepted a bet of Rs. 500. If I loose 5kgs by 1st Feb. 2009 I win the bet, other wise she wins. And I hear when Salil heard of this bet from Archana, he also agreed to a bet of Rs. 500. And when Tushar heard of this bet, Tushar being Tushar, placed a bet of … hold your breath… Rs. 5. So that’s Rs. 1005 to loose or win. Now that’s some motivation and I am not going to loose.

So as a proof of the bet Archana and I went to Corn Club where I weighed and here is the “Agreement” between Archana & I and besides it is a photograph of ME wearing the same cloths and shoes which I was wearing at the time I weighed.

(Photographer : Padmaja.)

If these pics don’t look that good, blame Padmaja. (See I spell it right now. I have spelled it all wrong in the Orkut testimonial that I wrote for her. Though it was a genuine mistake, I would like it if people believed that I did it on purpose ;-) so I wouldn’t look dumb and Padmaja will get super annoyed.)

So anyway, guys wish me luck. Soon you are going to see slim Pritam!


  1. @Shilpa
    1K? That's too big for a guy who earns in indian rupees. But I am not going to loos right? So what's 1K.


  2. you bet i was rolling on ground with laughter when i heard it ... but i am pretty sure this phase wont last more than this month :D till then bon appetite ;)

  3. @Salil
    Guys don't underestimate me. Somehow I sense year 2009 is year of change.

    Well I don't know about the world but I am going to change for sure!

    I am going to be slim... I am going to be slim... I see my self slim in my minds eye...

    Well those so-called self-helf books say that reiterating your goal again and again strengthens your resolve. I just hope its true. ;-)

  4. I would like to contribute too....and guess I am being very generous I would like to bet on Pritam's side that he is going to loose 5 kilos by end of Jan ....and I will share the bet ...whatever the amount it is (the total)

  5. @Shweta
    Hey thanks yaar for the support. Now it is becoming more interesting....

  6. hi every body!... i too will be on pritam's side to encourage him and i knw this year is something special for him and me too :) ( we both being cancerians) i had read it in some astro prediction that we will be financially happy this year... and all you people i.e. salil, archana and shilpa be ready with the money... moreover... i am not willing to share the burden like swet if pritam loses.. coz i know that he will not lose the bet but will surely lose the weight... what say????

  7. no no I cant be over confident in this bet...pritam has all the chances of losing the bet as well, so better pritam work hard okay?....I mean 5 kiols in 30 days, each kilos in a week...and should continue till the last week w/o gaining!! thats tough and you need to work...

  8. @Shweta
    Yep, I am dieting as hard as I can. Today I was with one of my friends at Durga. He had a Anda-Bhurgi and a hot coffee.

    And I was just sitting in front him sipping water. Man that was tough!

  9. Pritam Bhai again u decided to loose weight....
    chalo achha hai....
    m sure u will loose some kgs by the end of this year.....

  10. ya me too support this panda of mine on this devine and noble decision to lose sum weight ,
    but imagine how a skeleton of panda would looks like?? i guess panda!!!
    lose the weight fool you look UGGGGLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dude, whats the update (considering its 28th!!!), we are all waiting...ain't we?? ...come on

  12. Hi everybody,

    Don't know what's gonna happen. There is twist in the tale. I was 4 kgs down on 23rd. But then I went home on 24th and 25th and screwed up everything. Ate a lot. Must have put on something like a kg or so.

    But from yesterday I am on strict liquid diet. And I am hoping for the best.

    Meanwhile I have started to get dreams about food. God help me. I am scared. Stop me from sinning!!!

    Guys wish me luck. I need it badly.


  13. awh!!....have a food festival in feb...put on 10 kilos of weight ..or whatever...but the point is "-5 kilos by 31 jan"...thats all.

    how could you fall back at the very worries keep going 4 more days :)