Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

There are some movies which grow as you think more about them. As you think more about these movies, you start to realize new layers of depth. One classic example of such movie is Forrest Gump. Well I won't put 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' in the same class as that of Forrest Gump but certainly 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!' is a very well made movie.

I know a casual viewer may criticize the movie about the glorification of anti-social elements. And yes there is a serious concern of youngsters getting influenced by this cool thief. But a movie is a piece of art and what one chooses to pick from a piece of art depends upon the upbringing and moral values of that particular individual.

When the movie ended I thought, "That was it? What kind of ending is that?" I mean the movie was funny and all, but in a way it seemed pointless.

"That was it? What kind of ending is that?"
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Then afterwards when I discussed the movie first with Archana and then with Hitesh (my buddies who also watched the movie with me) it dawned on me that this was more than a funny story about a cool thief. In fact right from the title track, the director hints us at the theme of the movie. The title track is Chahiye Thoda Pyaar... sung by Kishore Kumar from the 1978 movie Lahu ke Do Rang.

In that sense, it really is a sad story about a guy who is looking for some love but who never really got it. He was ready to spend any amount of money on his relatives and friends to get that love but never actually got it. Yes the heroine (the dazzlingly cute Neetu Chandra) loved him back but she never loved him for his money.

Apart from this, the movie tries to unmask the selfish and cunning side of so called law abiding people through various cleverly crafted incidents.

Certainly a very well made, thought provoking, yet totally enjoyable movie.

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  1. i appreciate the review given by you... but i strongly object the statement made by you about the law abiding people..as i always say there are always good and bad, honest and dishonest people in each professional so dont form opinions about any one instantly... otherwise the review is rocking and hopefully am the first one to review and comment on it ( hitesh se bhi pehle pada hai shayad :))