Monday, September 8, 2008

Who is Agamya Sensible?

If you have read the story, ‘The Lady with Green Eyes’, then at the end of the story there is line, ‘A story by Agamya Sensible’.

Now you may be puzzled why the story written by Agamya Sensible was published on a blog written by Pritam Barhate? Who is this Agamya Sensible? Well the answer to the question is that when I originally wrote the story, I intended it to be published under the pan name ‘Agamya Sensible’. And I wish to carry on that unfulfilled desire so the title Agamya Sensible remains.

Agamya is a Marathi(which is my mother tongue) word. Agamya means something that can never be understood. So Agamya Sensible means- something than can never be understood but can be sensed. And this how I think of life and art - something that never be understood but can be sensed.

So I call the creator in me: Agamya Sensible.

Silly I know. But then I never claimed to be wise. Right?

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