Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes – Preface

I know stories aren’t supposed to have prefaces. But this one has. Why because it is not being published in a magazine. It is being published on a blog. And for me the whole meaning of blog is to communicate with readers.

The ‘The Lady with Green Eyes’ is the first story I wrote. I wrote it in April 2006. That was almost 2 and half years ago. Barring a few select family members and friends I have never shown it to anybody else. It was just sitting there in my folder titled writing along with the two stories I wrote later. (These two stories will also be posted on this blog too.)

Like most of us would be writers I dreamed to be ‘published’ some day. But I never sent the story to any magazine since after writing the story I came to know I was far from being a professional writer. And I thought I will show my work to the world only when I was good enough. (See I don’t want to be laughed at and dealing with rejections is a difficult thing.)

But how does one become a writer? Everybody says by writing more. So I kept on writing but still today I am far from being a professional writer. So what are the options I have? Will I ever share my stories with other people?

When I thought about it, I came to know that I wanted to share them with other people, yes probably I am not a master at the craft of writing stories but I believe at the core my stories are interesting stories.

So here is the first one.

The Lady with Green Eyes

It is a story about a man who is lonely mainly because of his own acts. Almost all of his relationships are failures. And then a robot comes into his life. This robot teaches him the meaning of love and relationships.

How? You will have to read the story to know that.

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