Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Robot Psychopath: The Case of Dr. Tattoo – Preface

Yes, yes stories are not supposed to have prefaces but my stories have prefaces. If you want to know why read the preface to my first story, The Lady with Green Eyes.

The Robot Psychopath: The Case of Dr. Tattoo was the second story I wrote. Partially it originated from my first story or more precisely from the lack of originality in my first story.

If you have read my first story, then probably you may have noticed that even all in all it is an entertaining (at least I think so) story, almost all of the plot points are lifted from some movie or other.

So The Robot Psychopath story was sort of my response to this dilemma that I was facing: should one call himself an artist if he lacks originality in his art? Can a piece of work be called art if it is ‘inspired’ from something else?

As the story ends I ended up concluding that art was nothing without originality. Yes, I was dismayed. By that rule I should stop writing, which is something I couldn’t do. So I hope what they say about writing is true: Want to be writer – Write More.

There is life to live and there is hope!

Preface - Part I - Part II

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