Monday, December 15, 2008

Value of Rs. 500.00

Take a look at this video, I found it on one of my friend’s Orkut profile. It shows what 500 rupees mean to different people from different financial classes of the society. Most of the well-to-do-people seem to answer the question with: movies or booz.

Did you notice the kid who talks about buying ‘tamater and aloo’ to market them? Isn’t it astonishing to know that what you think of as cost of one evening’s fun can be a seed capital for somebody’s dreams.

Unfortunately my answer would have been movies too. It is hard to know what to feel in such incidents. I almost felt guilty about squandering money. A question repeatedly comes to my mind:

What if I had been born to poor parents from some slum instead of being born to my parents?

A lot of time we complain that our lives suck. I certainly do it a lot. But then after watching videos like this I feel have, I really even experienced a day of what is called as hard life. What it must feel like being hungry and not able to buy food? How must it feel when your loved ones are down with fever and you can’t even buy some medicine?

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