Friday, November 14, 2008

Dostana : Wonderfully Fresh

I love those starting scenes in movies which are shot from an airplane or a helicopter with camera sweeping over the sea, miles and miles of blue water. Quite a few Hollywood movies start this way and invariably after the shot you get to see lush green mountains and the jungle.

Dostana also starts with camera sweeping over the sea but instead of the green lush jungle it leads to a beach where there are lots of girls in bikinis and John Abraham in just a pair of trunks. Well it kind of ruined my scene since, somewhere subconsciously, I was expecting a jungle. Then I said to myself, “Well this is different.” By then my initial disappointment of not getting to see a jungle had subsided. (Who am I kidding? Girls in bikinis are way cooler than the jungles.)

Anyway after the first hot song featuring Shilpa Shetty finishes, the movie becomes even more interesting and funny. I really had a good laugh. The whole ‘gay part’ has been used very well to create humor. And we Indians being way more conservative than the west, the gay jokes are lot funnier than they are in the Hollywood movies. And what’s the best thing about the movie even if it is meant to be an out and out comedy? It has a story. So what if it is just the same three guys falling for the same girl type of the story, the presentation is something that has never been done in Bollywood before. Believe me. I agree all the characters (and in parts the story too) are stereotypical but the whole setting and presentation is so fresh that you just can’t help but admire it.

And apart from all of the above, there is Priyanka Chopra! She is a treat to watch and I guess for girls and gays there is John Abraham. Performance wise everybody has played their parts adequately. The comic timing and expressions are really good.

If it’s the weekend and you want have a ball, go watch Dostana.

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