Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where can I buy 6kg of RDX?

Confused, well this post discusses the movie “A Wednesday”. One of the very good movies made this year.

Spoiler Warning:
Next few paragraphs discuss the plot of the movie “A Wednesday”. If you haven’t seen the movie and planning to watch it (you should), read the rest of the post at your risk. It may ruin your surprise twist in the end.

Well the movie starts with Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), who has just retired, sitting near sea shore and he is telling us about the most interesting case during his service. This story is about a guy who places bombs in the city and he wants four terrorists to be released, if the Govt. wants to save innocent people from the bomb blasts.

Regular thriller you say. Yes, I say. But a very well executed one. You rarely find so competently made thrillers in Bollywood. The movie is directed by some “Neeraj Pandey” and I am sure he is not going to stay “some Neeraj Pandey” for so long, for the guy is so talented.

Well and this is not exactly regular terrorist bombing movie either, where in the last scene the stereotypical Muslim terrorist rants about how he is serving the Allah by doing all this. The man who plants the bomb is played by Naseeruddin Shah (What a fine performance!). But in the end we come to know that he wanted the four notorious terrorist to be released only to kill them in a bomb blast. After that he explains why he did that. His explanation is that he is a common man retaliating against these regular bombing attacks that keep happening in our Metros. He says that he is not ready to see his fellow commuters to be killed by these terrorists and do nothing at all. Hence he plans this operation to tell the system and terrorists that don’t stretch the common man’s patience for too long or we will just take the matters in our hand.

I know it is filmy but in the end you can’t help but think “Why does it take the courts ten years to bring these terrorists to justice?” I know all the backlog cases and stuff. But can’t these cases where national security of the nation is threatened be tried as soon as possible.

I know in the longer run we as a society will have to take a lot of efforts so that some disgruntled members of our society will not resort to drastic measures such as terrorism. But in the shorter period if we want to stop these cowardly killings of innocent people, our Govt. must take some strong actions. Something that sends a strong message that these acts of terrors will be severely punished, not only those who place the bombs but those too who help them to carry out these operations.

Otherwise everybody will ask the same question,

Where can I buy 6kg of RDX?

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