Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Robot Learns to Feel - Preface

'A Robot Learns to Feel' was written sometime around Feb-March 2007. It is my third story and my most favorite of the three.

This story was written in long hand in a single evening. Both the acts are rare for me. I almost never write my stories (or anything else for that matter) in long hand. Reason : I am on computer at 13-14 hours a day. So why write in longhand in my ugly handwriting when I can write with beautiful (Yes, I have an unhealthy attraction towards beauty) fonts on screen?

Another special thing for me about this story was that it was written from start to finish in one single evening. And the first draft is almost 95% unchanged. This is very rare for me since finding a story to tell is a painful process for me. I almost never have my entire plots ready before I start writing. Generally all I can think of are some scenes or characters. Then I struggle hard to create a whole story from this scenes or characters. I abandon this effort in midway quite a lot of times.

Also one more thing, during this story I wanted to change the name of the company which manufactures C360 to a more creative ‘Automated Logic’ from run of the mill ‘Robosys’. But in the end I just ended up accepting ‘Robosys’ since it is straight forward and easy to understand for reader. No explanations required.

I hope you will like the story.

Thank you.

Preface | Part I | Part II

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