Monday, September 8, 2008

The Lady with Green Eyes - VI

It was 2058. That photo was shot in Hawaii. After I finished my training at Air Force Academy, Mina and I went to Hawaii on our first Honeymoon. Those were the 10 happiest days of my life. But I think with me happiness never lasts. After the honeymoon I had to report on my duty.

I got my first mission there. It was relatively a simple one. I had to drop 13 cyborg commandos at a terrorist base. But I think I was destined to be a failure from the start.

As we reached to the terrorist base, we were attacked by a guided missile. I was shocked. Intelligence hadn’t given us any warning of such an advanced weapon. I flew zigzag to dodge the missile. But the missile kept following. Its AI was very good. I searched the terrain helplessly for some hill or mountain. Unfortunately we were flying above desert. So no hide and seek possible. In a desperate attempt, I flew high around 30,000 feet and then plunged into a sudden dip towards the ground. The missile followed the same path. Now we were approaching the ground rapidly. To avoid the collision with the ground, I slowed the aircraft a little. The missile was right behind us, closing in the distance between us swiftly. The Defensive Aid System of the plane was flashing different lights and screaming, “Attacker missile too close” then switching to, “Ground surface too close”. I was very tense. Situation was tight and needed to concentrate. Irritated by the noise I turned the DAS off. It was a huge mistake.

Just above the ground, I altered the direction of the plane abruptly and started flying upwards. Due to its speed the missile could not change its course and banged into the ground. As the aircraft rose above the ground, there was massive explosion just below it. I felt a surge of shock passing through me. “Hooray, I did it!” I cried out. That was when the plane was struck by another missile, which I never noticed during all the action. I went unconscious.

When I opened my eyes again, I was in a military hospital. My right arm and both of my legs were chopped and worst all my 13 passengers had died. Damn. It was my fault I should never have turned the DAS off. Had it been on it would have alarmed me about the second missile. As I recovered, courtesy to Mr. Scott Nash, I was transferred to the best hospital in the world. There I was fitted with robotic limbs. It cost around eight million dollars. A small dent in Mr. Nash’s enormous wealth.

I was in the hospital for 2 months. During all those days Mina was with me. I had terrible nightmares. ‘It was all my fault. 13 fine men…’ I wanted to commit suicide. If Mina wouldn’t have been there, probably I would have done it. She was always with me and it was for only her, I wanted to live.

One afternoon when I woke up from my post lunch nap. Mina was not there in her chair. I rolled in the bed to look for her. The door of the room was half open and what I saw through it changed my life forever. There I saw, Mina standing by the door hugging somebody.

“Control yourself Mina…” Hearing that voice I was stunned. I couldn’t believe myself.

No it can’t be,’ I thought.

I got off the bed. I was not accustomed to my new legs. Somehow I lurched to the door and swung it wide open. By that, the person was startled. He pushed Mina away. I moved my gaze from him to Mina. I was filled up with deep contempt. I was infuriated. I could sense the animal rising within me. “You slut!” I shouted and before I knew my new robotic arm flung in the air and came crashing across Minas left cheek. It was a heavy blow. She lost her balance. While falling down her neck got hit on the seat of steel chair in the corridor. She went unconscious.

“You mad man! I was just comforting her.” screamed the man standing beside her. He sat down to take a look at her. He was Mark.

After that incident Mina’s body became paralyzed below her neck. Her parents pressed the charges against me and also filed for the divorce. I pleaded guilty. I was sentenced for three years and 30 million dollars in punitive damages. I didn’t contest the judgment in the higher court. I was court marshaled. I spent those three years in the jail cursing. Cursing myself for hitting Mina. I cursed Mark for trying to come back in my life when I wanted him to stay away. I cursed my luck. I cursed whole world. I was going mad. I would have killed myself. I needed someone to put the fault on to. So I cursed Mina. Hating her for meeting Mark. She knew how deeply I hated Mark. Why did she let him come there? Why did she meet him? Why didn’t she insulted him and send him away? I hated her for that. Wasn’t I had enough before her. I hated her for coming in my life.

But now I think I wouldn’t have killed myself. It takes courage and I am biggest coward in the world. Deep down my heart I know it is me who is responsible for it. I know I should go to Mina. I should beg her to pardon me. But I won’t be able to look in her eyes and ask her to forgive me. Because I fear she will forgive me. I know she will forgive me. And I hate her for that. I hate her for being so good to me. I don’t deserve it. May be I should burn in hell of hatred forever.

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