Monday, September 29, 2008

In which I write about “You Are Here”

Right now, as I write this, I am sitting on my bike which is parked in shadow at the university end of Chaturshrungi road. Which means I am writing this long hand [which I hate to do and which means its high time I bought myself a PDA phone, which unfourtanetly I can’t afford :-( ].

This whole day was about “You Are Here”. If you are wondering what is “You Are Here”, then “You Are Here” is the first novel by 20-somehting Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan about a 20-something girl Arshi.

I have been reading this book for past one week or so. But I wasn’t getting much time to read it. So today being Sunday I decided that I was going to finish it today.

So I read it during my breakfast while eating idali-sambaar, poha & tea.

I read it while I had my lunch with chole, potato sabji, rice, dal and chapati. I read it with bread patties & tea.

And I read it with 2 scoops of Mocha-almond & Keshar-pista ice-cream at Shreeji (really tasty ice-cream, go there if you happen to be on Paud road, Pune)

After that I finished the book while sitting at a bus stand on an uncomfortable bench with no way of resting my back.

Why I didn’t read it at my home? Because I was some 20kms away from my flat & only other option was my office where I didn’t want to go since 3-4 unfinished website layouts wait me there & I so suck at creative stuff. (I am happy when I am coding though.)

So what’s the book like? Much like this post. Meandering with no obvious plot, lots of characters who have nothing to do with the main story, mostly about the protagonist and how she feels about herself.

And yes it is impulsive, girly and yet oddly satisfying. Oh ya, and add lots of alcohol & sex to the above and you get “You Are Here”.

Thank you if you are still here. There is a panipuri wallah right in front of me & I don’t have anymore patience.

Rating: 3 / 5

(This post was written on Sunday but poseted here on Monday.)


  1. I truly enjoyed reading this creative it is :)...loved it!

  2. reading the blog just seemed to me that "you are here" was a part and ..hey buddy the rest was all food. Food ke bina kuch sochte hi nahi.

  3. @Archana
    Food ke bina kuch sochte hi nahi.Yep, you got me there!