Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Creator Theory : Why humans believe in the God

As I have declared a lot of times before, I am a non-believer. But it was not always so. I turned a non-believer somewhere in between 19-22 years of my age. As for exactly when? I am not sure. But from 19th year to 22nd year of my life, there was a lot of turmoil in me. After that I slowly found my peace as I finally accepted my status as a non-believer.

I have thought long and hard about why we believe in God. There are two answers to this question. I call these answers as theories. First one is the Creator theory and the second is NGFG (Need, Greed, Fear and Goodness) theory.

Our need to know who is the creator and purveyor of this world:

We as humans are curious animals. Generally we don’t like unanswered questions. Not knowing answers to questions creates uncertainty. We are looking for certainty and stability in our lives. So when we stumble across mysteries which our existing body of scientific knowledge can’t answer, we attribute these mysteries as deeds of the Supernatural. If these deeds are good in nature, we generally attribute it to the God and if they are evil in nature we attribute them to the Devil.

So if the God is not the creator of the world then who is? The honest answer to this question is that we don’t know. We are still looking abut we haven’t found the answer. Our science has yet failed to conclusively find out who created the world or how the world was created.

But if we give enough time to the scientists (it may take a 1000 years but this is still a very short time if we compared it to the evolution of religion and spiritual theory.) they will surely find who created the world and how?

If we gave enough time and attention to these nature’s mysteries, eventually we solve them. Take for example, in Hindu religion, the act of rain is attributed to the Lord Varun and various kinds of elaborate religious rituals were used to be performed so as to make it rain. But today we know how and why rain falls. In fact we have developed means to create artificial rain.

Ok I agree that it may not be as easy to find out how the world was created, but I believe given time science will give explanation for the question.


  1. interesting introspective analysis and point of view....

    i wud like to put across my point of view (albeit, in contrast to your line), someday, wen we meet ;)

    probably, its not a question of belief after all, probably its a belief of facts; or whether u see those facts or not :-P

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rby5itnDloI

    See the video in the link above.

    Personally, i believe in god...and its not because my parents force me to pray or believe in him, its because it helps me face life each day. I don't believe that God is himself a physical entity, I believe that he is an embodiment of our confidence and faith. Humans aren't just 'curious animals'...we also happen to be quite an emotional species; we have a tendency to over think matters and worry about unnecessary things. During times like these, we lose both our confidence and faith in the world. People have a firm belief that God may actually be an external body that's there to help us out, so they rely on God to help them. Due to their blind faith, they can wake up the next morning with a smile on their face. Whether their desire comes true or not is irrelevent. A person's happiness isn't a measure of the number of desires which he has satisfied, its a measure of how happy he is with the things he has. Our belief in religion helps us to achieve this as it requests that we live a humble life. I happen to be quite tech savy and hence i can tell you one thing. Even if i get the newest software, games, hardware, etc. I always want more. Till date, there hasn't come a time where i've said 'enough'. I may enjoy the thing i bought for a couple of days, but after some time, i get bored of it and i crave more. True happiness is achieved when one can say 'enough'.

    God is merely a thought which catalyses the rate at which we can become truly happy. I believe in God not so that i can expect miracles to happen. Whenever i pray, all i ask for is the strength to face whatever the world throws at me. In reality i am probably just talking to myself, but i know that whatever it may be, makes me strong. Strong enough to take life by its horns. Strong enough to wake up everyday and just smile. Strong enough to face my fears head-on.

  3. @raunak
    Very well said!

    True happiness is achieved when one can say 'enough'.

    That's the quest: Ability to say enough.